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"I want to thank you and the team for being so helpful and quick with a problem I had. One of speakers I recently purchased from Factory direct was damaged when it arrived. The other three were great and sound awesome. I used the live chat feature on the site and Sasha Letourneao assisted me. She asked a few questions and in no time I had a replacement speaker coming my way. Thank you for the quick service, great customer service, and superb products. I will certainly shop at Factory Direct in the future."

Luis Acevedo

Technical Pro

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Technical Pro BLUEMINI Handheld Bluetooth Audio Adaptor Wireless

The Technical Pro BLUEMINI gives you the ability to wirelessly connect any RCA input device to any bluetooth device including laptops, cell phones, and mp3 players.


Retail: $39.00

You Save 23%

2 Technical Pro WF6.1 Raw 6.5" Subwoofers Driver 2WF6.1


Retail: $50.00

You Save 20%

Technical Pro BOOMBOX7 Portable Battery Powered Radio w/ USB / SD Inputs New

You can hook just about anything up to the Technical Pro BoomBox7. Convenient and compact, take this radio audio player anywhere!

  • Lightweight & Compact Design Make it the Perfect On-The-Go Speaker
  • Inputs: USB Flash Drive / SD CARD, 1/8" (MP3)
  • AM / FM Manual Tuner
  • Shortwave Radio Manual Tuner
  • USB flash drive, SD Card: 32GB
  • Plays .mp3 from USB / SD Card inputs
  • Track number & elapsed time will display for USB / SD Card inputs
  • Records .mp3, .wav., .wma files ont


    Retail: $89.00

    You Save 27%

2 Technical Pro WF8.1 Raw 8" Subwoofers Driver 2WF8.1

Technical Pro 600 watt Raw Subwoofer WF8.1 produces big bass and full range of sound. Buy today and it ships free in main 48 states from


Retail: $60.00

You Save 23%

Technical Pro WF8.1 Raw 8" Subwoofer Driver

Technical Pro 600 watt Raw Subwoofer WF8.1 produces big bass and full range of sound. Buy today and it ships free in main 48 states from


Retail: $30.00

You Save 13%

Technical Pro WF6.1 Raw 6.5" Subwoofer Driver


Retail: $25.00

You Save 8%

2 Technical Pro WF10.1 Raw 10" Subwoofers Driver 2WF10.1


Retail: $78.00

You Save 27%

Technical Pro WF10.1 Raw 10" Subwoofer Driver


Retail: $39.00

You Save 23%

6.5" Raw Subwoofer Technical Pro Z65.1 PA DJ Woofer 1000 Watts New


Retail: $65.00

You Save 8%

Two 6.5" Raw Subwoofers Technical Pro Z65.1 PA DJ Woofers 2000 Watts New 2Z65.1


Retail: $130.00

You Save 17%

18" Raw Subwoofer Technical Pro Z18.1 PA DJ Woofer 2500 Watts

Technical Pro knows that not all speakers and gear fit the exact specifications for every audio engineer or sound designer. If you are building out your own loudspeaker, Technical Pro has the components you need and at a cost that won’t break the bank!


Retail: $215.00

You Save 23%

Technical Pro AX3000 Professional 2 Channel Amplifier 3000w

The Technical Pro AX3000 Amplifier offers a pounding 3000 watts of power with self cooling circuitry. Save when you buy Factory Direct. AX3000 ships free.


Retail: $259.00

You Save 34%

Technical Pro AX3000 Professional 2 Channel Amplifier 3000w plus Bluetooth! AX3000B


Retail: $298.00

You Save 36%

Technical Pro RXB113 Receiver & Equalizer 1500 Watt RXB113

  • Technical Pro Receiver RXB113
  • Dual 10 band equalizer with individual LED indicators
  • Dual Karaoke / DJ mic inputs with echo
  • 1500 watts peak power
  • Inputs: RCA (3 audio sources)
  • Outputs: Banana binding post (to 5 speakers), RCA (to record line)
  • 5 Channel home theater
  • FM manual tuner
  • iPod / MP3 input with cable
  • Digital fluorescent output display meter
  • Removable rack-mount brackets
  • Remote control


Retail: $199.00

You Save 33%

Technical Pro XOB2 2-Way Crossover w/ Subwoofer Output

Technical Pro's line of professional rack mounted crossovers provides excellent frequency separation at an affordable price. Whether building a PA system for your chruch, club, or venue, technical pro has a crossover for you!


Retail: $149.00

You Save 34%

Technical Pro RX35U Audio Receiver with USB & SD Card Inputs

Technical Pro RX35U Audio Receiver with USB & SD Card Inputs. Audio receiver with Tuner offers a staggering 800 watts peak power. This amplifier is so versatile with microphone inputs with volume, echo, and tone controls, and the USB or SD card inputs to easily connect your favorite playlist or connect your iPod mp3 player.

Pair this Technical Pro RX35U audio receiver with USB & SD card inputs with a projector to make an outdoor theater or for surround sound presentations o


Retail: $179.00

You Save 35%

Technical Pro SPH5 Passive 120W Stereo Bookshelf Speakers

Technical Pro designs speakers to look good and last, while remaining affordable. The SPH5 bookshelf speaker from Technical Pro boasts a 5” woofer and 3” tweeter for precision highs.


Retail: $79.00

You Save 49%

Technical Pro RX40U Receiver with Remote, USB & SD Card Inputs RX35U Upgrade

The Technical Pro RX40u features a 1000 watt amplifier for stereo or surround sound, two microphone inputs, USB, SD card, or Mp3 inputs and more!!


Retail: $199.00

You Save 37%

Technical Pro RX40U Receiver and Speakers MEN-1


Retail: $279.00

You Save 46%

Technical Pro WM1122 Dual Wireless Microphone System UHF with Two Deluxe Mics

Technical Pro’s microphones are preferred by sound professionals and performers. The innovative technology that is used always produces a proper translation to any voice and to any audience…and the sturdy design will give you confidence that your show or conference will always be a success. These same two elements can be found in the WM1122 Professional UHF Wireless Microphone System.


Retail: $275.00

You Save 38%

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