Acoustic Audio ACA12DWG Deluxe Powered 12" Car Ported Subwoofer 900 Watts with Wiring Kit and Remote Level Control

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Product Description


Acoustic Audio ACA12DWG Deluxe Powered 12" Loaded Ported Wedge Bass Speaker with Wiring Kit and Remote Level Control
900 Watts Max Power at 4ohm
94dB SPL and 25 - 250Hz Frequency Response
12" Subwoofer with 2" ASV Voice Coil and Steel Protective Grill
Polypropylene Injected Cone and Butyl Rubber Surround
Separate Mountable Remote Bass Level Control
Built In Class AB Monoblock Amp has RCA Low Level Inputs and Raw Wire High Level Inputs
25 - 250Hz Frequency Knob
0 - 12dB Bassboost Knob
Gain / Volume Knob
Remote Bass Input
Positive, Negative and Ground Power Connections
20A Replaceable Fuse
High Efficiency FET Switching Power Supply
Built In Automatic Thermal / Short / Overload Protection Circuitry
LED Power and Protection Indicator Lights
Power Supply Voltage is 13.5V (10.8V - 15.6V Allowable)
Industrial Heat Activated Vinyl on the Ported Wedge Enclosure
Fits Mostly All Vehicles
Loaded Wedge Speaker Dimensions are (L x W x H) 21.75" x 15" x 14.25"
Delivered Fully Assembled
Wiring Kit Includes the Remote Bass Control Module, 16' Remote Cable, 3' Ground Power Cable, 16' Power Cable, 16' RCA Cable and 16' Remote Control Cable
Designed and Engineered in the USA
Professional Installation Recommended


This Listing and Price is for 1 Loaded Bass Speaker, Remote Bass Control, Wiring Kit and Full Instructions