Podium Pro MS2 Adjustable Steel Microphone Stand with Stand Bag and Clamp Mic Clip MS2SET7

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Product Description

    Podium Pro MS2 Adjustable Pro Audio Mic Stand with MBAG1 Stand Bag and MC1 Mic Clip
  • Stands 36" High and Adjusts to 63" High
  • Tripod Base with 22” Footprint
  • Standard 5/8" Threaded Top to Accept Most Mic Clip
  • Cable Pole Clip for Cord Management
  • Podium Pro MBAG1 Stand Bag 36" x 5" Included
  • Podium Pro MC1 Clothespin Clamp Style Mic Clip Included
  • Search MS2 for this stand without a mic clip
  • Search MS2SET1 and MS2SET2 for this stand with a mic clip
  • Search MS2SET3 with boom, MS2SET4 and MS2SET5 with a boom and mic clip
  • Search MS2SET6 for this stand and bag without mic clip
  • MS2SET8 for this stand with a bag and mic clip
  • Search MS2SET9 with mic boom and bag, MS2SET10 and MS2SET11 with a boom extension, bag and mic clip
  • Designed And Engineered In USA

  • DJ
  • PA
  • Karaoke
  • Live Sound
  • Studio

    This Listing and Price is for 1 Mic Stand, 1 Stand Bag and 1 Mic Clip